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The Consultation - A simple phone call can change the way you feel about yourself forever!        


At the time of your consultation, you will be meeting with an experienced hair loss consultant who has been professionally trained
and understands the private and personal nature of your visit. You will be taken through a detailed explanation of the process, answer
all your questions and give you an estimate during your free no-obligation consultation.

HTS Staff

Meeting the Doctor

Prior to the surgery, you will meet with the doctor to discuss the final details of your procedure. He will discuss and draw in the outline
to restore your hairline taking into consideration a natural recession for your facial features.  The artistry and skill of our surgeons have 
attracted celebrities from all over the country. Our work has been seen everywhere from artists that have appeared on the Grammy's,
to major motion picture actors, as well as on television. You've probably seen our work, but because 
his or her results are so natural 
you would never know it was a hair transplant.


 Microprecision Follicular Grafting®



Dr. Jason Champagne

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia so you can drive yourself to and from the appointment. During the
procedure, you are awake, comfortable, and relaxed watching a movie, sporting event, or listening to music while the
procedure is being performed. You are sitting up and reclined in a state-of-the-art memory foam surgical chair. In addition,

you will be served complimentary beverages and snacks. If you're having a long procedure, we can order you a complimentary
hot meal from a number of local restaurants.

The Evolution of Hair Transplantation

The evolution of hair transplantation began over 50 years ago with the “Punch” plug graft technique. From this technique, a more refined “Micro/Mini” punch graft evolved, followed by the Micro/Multiple-Unit grafting technique and the FUE technique. Finally, the ultimate and most natural method of hair transplantation with the highest yield was perfected - the Microprecision Follicular Grafting® technique.


Evolution of Naturalness


The results of Microprecision Follicular Grafting® are so natural this procedure has become the benchmark by which all other hair restoration methods are judged.

With the Microprecision Follicular Grafting® technique, it is absolutely impossible to get that “pluggy” look that you may have seen in the past. When restoring the front hairline, the doctor will outline a guideline for your front hairline that will have a natural recession for your facial features. A hairline that looks completely natural now and will ultimately stand the test of time for the rest of your life.

Initially, the doctor will create a transitional zone which is approximately a 1/4" in width which will contain all single hair grafts in the very front of the hairline. In the secondary transitional zone, the doctor will then integrate grafts containing two and three hair grafts behind the single hair grafts. Hair on the top of the head grows in follicular units of one, two, three, and four hairs.

So it makes perfect sense that if one was to restore their lost hair, it should be replicated in the same format to produce a totally natural result. However, there are only a select group of hair transplant practices worldwide that provide the experience, knowledge, and expertise to perfect and perform this technique. Our practice is one of them. It has been said by many, "Our technique is a perfect blend of art and science, creating the most natural results."



Precision Work

Our doctors are perfectionists. To achieve precision work, our surgical techs must also be  perfectionists.

It takes an experienced hair transplant specialist and a highly trained and experienced medical team to successfully perfect and perform this technique.

We guarantee in writing that every graft that he transplants will grow or he will re-transplant
it at no charge.*

It is important to know that the doctor's surgical team works and travels with them at both their Beverly Hills and Eagan offices. This is important in order to achieve consistent quality work. As highly trained experts, they have worked together for many years in the field of hair transplantation. As members of our doctor's team, they exclusively perform hair transplantation and do not perform any other service offered at the clinic.

Our surgical teams are some of the most experienced in the world. Their attention to detail is shown in the final results. We don't just restore hair...we change lives.

* If any newly transplanted graft does not grow within eight months, we will replace it at no charge. However, any and all warranty work must be performed within one-year from the date of the original procedure.

A Specialized Technique

Whether your procedure is scheduled and being performed in                Eagan, Minnesota or in Beverly Hills, California you will receive                   the same attention to detail provided by the same staff and                            ultimately achieve the most natural looking results. In order to                     accomplish this, Dr. Champagne's team travels with
him to both offices.

The reality is that this technique is simply the most natural                             hair transplantation technique in the world. The “single hair grafts”
are only used in the very front hairline otherwise referred to as the
hairline transition zone, which is only approximately ¼” in width. 
Then follicular grafts containing two, three, and four hair grafts are integrated in behind the front transtional zone. 

Unlike some medical practices, our doctor's  NEVER
dissect existing follicular groupings into single hair grafts to
increase the number of grafts and ultimately your investment

ALL natural follicular grouping are simply relocated from areas of greater density into areas of lesser density where you would prefer to have more hair.

The artistry and skill of  our surgeons will allow them to re-create a replicated design of a totally natural looking front hairline.



While performing hair transplantation in the frontal area, our surgeons and their surgical teams will implant staggered single hair
follicles and  then integrate hair follicles containing two to four hair grafts. In the crown area, the doctor and his team will implant
hair follicles containing two, three, and four hair grafts to produce the maximum density.



Some medical practices claim “larger” grafts will produce more density in the frontal area. What they don’t tell you is that although the
density may appear natural from afar, upon close inspection under elements of wind, rain, or wet hair, your hair would separate,
and the “clumpy” nature of the grafts would be apparent and appear very unnatural. Our surgeons believe “naturalness is key”. 
Our surgeons only implant natural follicular groupings and would rather increase one’s density through using additional grafts if
necessary. That way your hair always looks natural and not “clumpy”.

Hair Transplant Specialists, HTS

The Procedure

Our facility has two state-of-the-art surgical suites shown above is located in Eagan, Minnesota. They are equipped with all the
comforts of of home including  65" flat screen TVs, Netflix, Sonos music system, and complimentary beverage and meal service.

During the procedure, you are awake, relaxing while watching a movie, sporting event or listening to music. The length of the
procedure is determined by the amount of hair restoration that is being performed. On average, depending the size of the procedure,
the procedure takes between 3-9 hours. 

Subsequent Procedures

Some doctors will perform additional hair transplant procedures in as little as two to three months. Considering that the newly
transplanted hair requires 12-16 weeks to begin growing, one could reasonably conclude that it would be approximately three
months before anyone could begin to see where previous work had been performed.

The prospective patient should ask himself/herself how the doctor could accurately and safely insert new grafts between
the previously placed ones, which have not yet begun to grow. With the Microprecision Follicular Grafting® technique the grafts
are virtually impossible to discern at this stage. 

If a patient would like to increase the density by having an additional procedure, we recommend allowing a minimum of eight                    months to allow totally accurate placement of the new grafts in between the new hairs growing from the previous procedure.

Q. Can you tell me about cost?

A. Fees for hair transplantation are in direct proportion to the amount of work that is to be performed. Our pricing is the most
competitive in the Twin Cities. Currently we are running a limited time offer of just $3.95 per graft! There is also a "Stand-by"
rate of 
$3.00 per graft for individuals that are flexible enough to have a procedure on short notice. This serves a purpose in the event that the
patient experiences a scheduling conflict. The number of grafts transplanted will determine the cost of the procedure. In general, the
larger the thinning area, the greater the number of grafts required and the higher the cost. 

This is a very simplistic explanation, but it generally holds true. Of course, the donor hair must be sufficient to accommodate the
number of grafts needed. During your free evaluation, if you are an appropriate candidate, we can give you an estimate of costs.

The cost for our hair transplant procedure range in price from a small procedure at $4,000 to the largest procedure
at $11,850 depending on the amount of hair that needs to be restored.


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