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Testimonials - Hair Transplant Specialists' Patients - Individual results may vary.

Yes, our doctors do perform hair transplantation on female patients. Unforfunately, most female patients are reluctant to let us use their before & after photos for
public display. Above Dr. Jason Champagne is shown performing a hair tranplant on a female patient.

Local TV News Reporter
Rob Olson had researched hair 
transplant surgeons since 2005.
Rob ended up choosing Dr. Jason Champagne for his hair transplant.
Rob's 2,540 graft procedure was
performed on November 19, 2017.

Rob Olson's  hair transplant

Andrew Heydt Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant Specialists


"I've never been secretive about having a hair transplant. I didn't like losing my hair and now it's great having my hair back! I would strongly recommend calling Hair Transplant Specialists today, they are absolutely awesome!"


Former NHL player, two-time Stanley Cup winner, former Assistant Coach for the MN Wild 









"I've been amazed at the difference it has made in my life. I wish I would have done this five years ago!"



Lakeville, MN











"Prior to me making the decision to get this done, my wife was a strong advocate for how much she loved me just the way I am.

After I had it done and hair started to grow in and look like it does now, she is the most excited about me having it done."



Hastings, MN










"It's really changed my life, it's given me so much more confidence. I feel great when I go anywhere; this has been a fantastic thing for me. I don't have to think about my hair anymore!" 



St. Paul, MN


Rob Olson's Hair Transplant, Rob Olson Fox9 News,

Local Twin Cities television reporter Rob Olson came out publicly to praise the results of his life changing hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Jason Champagne. 

"Nice work Dr. Champagne ...I couldn't be happier with the results!"



"I was driving one day and I heard a radio ad for It was funny because I looked in the mirror and said I do need more hair. When I got home, I looked them up online and called for a consult.  They not only gave me my hair back...they gave me my confidence back! I couldn't be happier with my result. The consultation was informative and the procedure was a piece of cake. 

Derek J.

Woodbury, MN








“When I first saw my hair growing, I was really excited. It’s an exciting time and I think I wore out the mirror in my bathroom.”



Eden Prairie, MN











"As a public speaker, I can't tell you the difference it's made. It's made a world of difference not being self-conscious of my hair. This is the way to go, this is the best thing I have ever done!"



Hastings, MN











"I used to wear a hat as a subconscious way to cover my hair-loss. It's enjoyable to have my hair restored and be able to comb my hair the way I want."



St. Paul, MN











"I cannot believe the difference having more hair has made in my life. I asked myself: If my tooth fell out would I replace it? Absolutely! So why should my hair be any less important?

Thank you for giving me back a full head of hair! I only have one complaint...I wished I had done it sooner!"


Maple Grove, MN


is a growing trend!

For those who have always wanted more facial hair, it is now possible to permanently restore facial hair through Microprecision Follicular Facial Hair Grafting.  In the photo displayed here, the hair began to grow directly after relocation. However, in other patients the hair may go dormant for approximately 12 weeks before it begins to grow.


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 *After photo shown above - taken the day of surgery immediately after the procedure.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant - Dr. Jason Champagne, M.D.

* Individual results may vary.

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