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MEP-90 Laser Hair Therapy


The only FDA physician approved clinical laser to regrow hair!

If you are a woman with thinning hair throughout your scalp, or a woman or man experiencing early signs of hair loss but not to the
extreme of needing hair transplantation...

There is now a proven and highly effective solution to the problem.  An international team of scientists has combined cutting-edge
technology to create a solution to restore your hair, image and self-esteem.  The result is the MEP-90, a FDA cleared laser device
proven to stimulate hair growth.
Rejuv Skin & Hair Clinic is the ONLY clinic in Minnesota to have the newest 2016  MEP-90
  We NOW have TWO MEP-90's Lasers to better serve you!                      

Hair loss can be devastating. Whether it is gradually thinning, or a sudden and dramatic loss, the personal impact can be detrimental
psychologically, physically, and even financially.  Like your smile or eyes, hair is one of the essential elements of that
important first impression. Hair is part of you.  It helps create an image and identity for the entire world to see.

For some, hair loss can change the way they perceive themselves by lowering self-esteem, and in turn influencing how others
them.  This loss of confidence or increased insecurity can affect every area of daily living.

Below Amy James from K102 Radio is a firm believer in the MEP-90 Laser Hair Therapy!


Computerized cutting-edge technology designed and FDA approved to regrow hair!

After completing the MEP-90 Laser Hair Therapy treatment program, an astounding 97% of all hair loss patients presented an increase hair count of a minimum of 20% re-growth and 77% of the patients had a minimum increase of 51% more hair after being treated during the 18 week therapy.















The visible red light from the LHT MEP-90 laser's scalp refractor travels several layers into the tissue without harming the skin and
scalp to revitalize an re-connect the blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result, the hair follicles that would otherwise decline and go
into the atrophy phase and ultimately discontinue producing hair are re-stimulated and saved.  The laser light does not cut or burn the

The therapeutic light-energy is absorbed by the cells and the process of cell repair begins.  This FDA approved non-invasive, non-
chemical hair loss treatment works by stimulating the production of energy at the cellular level; therefore, improving cell function and increases the blood flow to the affected area.



Are You a Candidate for Laser Hair Therapy?

At Rejuv Skin & Hair Clinic, we specialize in hair restoration as well as hair loss prevention for both men ad women.  Our revolutionary Laser Hair Therapy treatment program utilizes the only FDA approved laser to regrow hair.
The MEP-90 Laser is a non-surgical laser that requires no drugs, and has no side effects.

To get all the answers to your particular hair loss questions and concerns, please call today to schedule a FREE evaluation.  It's completely confidential, so why not schedule your no obligation hair loss evaluation and consultation today? 651-287-3080


What is Laser Hair Therapy?

Rejuv Skin & Hair Clinic uses the FDA cleared MEP-90 in-clinic laser treatment system to treat thinning hair.  It's the first FDA clinical device for hair re-growth.  It is non-invasive, painless, procedure with no side effects and requires no surgery or drugs.  Laser Hair Therapy uses cool low-level lasers to stimulate blood flow and cellular metabolism in the scalp and hair follicles, using a a scientific principal called photobiostimulation.  The device utilizes a fixed schedule of computer-controlled Low Level Therapy (LLLT) to the scalp area.  Unlike lasers used to cut, the MEP-90's unique "cold" lasers stimulate hair growth with little or no sensation to the patient.





Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.  Who are the best candidates for LHT?

A.  Women and men who have thinning hair throughout their scalp, or individuals who are experiencing hair loss but their existing
      hair follicles are still too close together to qualify for hair transplantation

Q.  Are the treatments painful?

A.  There is no pain, discomfort or heat involved and no side effects.  Your treatment is in a comfortable room equipped with
      your choice of music, television, or magazines


Q.  Why should I consider the MEP-90 laser when I can purchase a hand-held laser hair therapy type device off the Internet?

A.  The hand-held devices are very inexpensive to purchase and unfortunately are not very effective.  Further the small hand-held
      devices do not yield the results as the MEP-90 computerized laser.  As a matter of fact, over-the-counter devices have such a low
      impact on the effected hair loss area that researchers believe in order to see any results you would be required to have the
      over-the-counter device on 24 hours a day.  The MEP-90 is the only FDA clinical approved laser to regrow hair.

Q.  What kind of results can I expect and how soon?

A.  Noticeable results can be seen in as little as three months.  A hair follicle needs time to produce new hair, exit the scalp and grow
     to a measurable length before patients will notice results from the Laser Hair Therapy treatments.  Typically, a patient can see
     results in approximately three months, with full results in about six months.

    The number of sessions and frequency of use depends upon the individual.
    However, some treatment based on the FDA submitted study is 20 minute sessions twice a week for a minimum of 18 weeks.
    During the study, after only 20 sessions (10 weeks), 92 percent of the patients showed an increased hair count and 98 percent
    indicated a significant stabilization of the hair loss.  After the final 36th treatment, 97 of patients demonstrated an
    increased hair count of at least 20 percent.  Eighty-nine percent of all patients had an increased hair count of at least 30 percent,
    with 57 percent demonstrating an increased hair count of at least 50 percent. Sixty-five percent reported their visible bald spots
    had gotten smaller.


Q.  When is laser hair treatment NOT an option?

A.  Laser Hair Therapy is not a viable option for everyone.  Those who are almost bald or who are already completely bald,
     especially if their hair loss occurred more than two years ago. Tthese individuals are not good candidates for laser hair therapy.
     Hair follicles undergo a natural shedding phase where the hair falls out and re-grows from the roots.  However, when follicles begin
     to shrink and degenerate, the hair does not grow back and subsequently, hair loss occurs.  Once follicles are completely dead, the
     only way to get hair back is with a surgical hair transplant.  That is why it is so important to start laser hair treatment as early as
     possible in the hair thinning and hair loss process.


Q.  Is there any guarantee with LHT?

A.  Yes.  We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee in writing. Ask your consultant for complete details.


Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  The complete program is regularly $4,995. We currently have an special promotional rate of just $2,995 which is a limited time offer.

                                                   PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE - If you find a lower price with 30 days of purchase...we will refund the difference. 

Q.  Do you have financing available?

A.  Yes.  We offer 12 month interest free financing available through CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit, which you can apply for by
     clicking on the link on the
bottom of the main page.   


Q.  What is Androgenic Alopecia?

A.  Androgenetic alopecia is a of hair loss in both men and women.  In women, this condition is also known as female pattern
     baldness.  The majority of women with androgenic alopecia have diffuse thinning on all areas of the scalp.  Androgenic
     alopecia in women is due to the action of androgens, hormones that are typically present in only small amounts in women.
     Androgenic alopecia can be caused by a variety of factors tied to the actions of hormones, including some ovarian cysts,
     taking high androgen index birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause.  The hormone DHT is at least partially to blame
     for the miniaturization of hair follicles in women suffering with female pattern baldness.  Heredity also plays a factor in this disease.


Q. Is any maintenance required after I am done with my laser hair therapy treatments?

A.  Laser hair therapy helps "wake up" hair follicles that have shrunk or degenerated, halting hair loss and, in many cases, re-growing
     hair where it was extremely thin, but the follicles were not yet dead.  Depending on the cuase of the original follicle damage
     (i.e., chemical treatments, heredity, stress, etc.) some clients do need occasional "maintenance" treatments after their laser hair
     treatments are finished, but others do not.


Q.  How can I find detailed information about the FDA study?

A.  To gain FDA clearance, a comprehensive clinical test was completed at the Koher Center for Hair Restoration, with Insitutional
      Review Board (IRB) preapproval and oversight.  Each subject tested during the MEP-90 efficacy determination received 36
      treatments.  The 20 minute treatments occurred over a period of 18 weeks.

      During the study, after only 20 treatments (10 weeks), 92 percent of the patients showed an increased hair count of at least
      ten percent, with 57 percentof them having aminimum of 30 percent increase.  At the same time, 98 percent of the subjects
      indicated a medically significant stabilization of their rate of hair loss.

      After the final 36th treatment, 97 percent of patiens demonstrated an increased hair count of at least 20 percent.  Eighty-nine
      percent of all reciepients had an increased hair count of at least 30 percent, with 57 percent demonstrating an increased hair
      count of at least 50 percent.  Sixty-five percent reported their visible bald spots had gotten smaller.  For full details of the FDA
      report, visit:  Read the full FDA 510(k) clearance on the FDA website:http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf9/K091496.pdf

Read the full FDA 510(k) clearance on the FDA website: