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F.U.T. vs. F.U.T. Donor Site


F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) vs. F.U.T (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Here at Hair Transplant Specialists (HTS), we provide both the FUE and FUT donor hair extraction methods. Once the donor hair is extracted with either method,
our unique microscopic procedure known as Microprecision Follicular Grafting® is used to provide the most natural results. 

The cost of the FUE method is much higher than FUT due the overall time required to harvest the donor hair. Unfortunately, some marketing on the Internet
misleads a lot of people thinking that FUE is the newest technique and therefore, should be the best. Neither are true. The FUE method for hair transplant has
been around since 2002.

Some companies market FUE as being a “scar-less” procedure. This is blatantly false. To be honest, one can say there is no linear scar, but each time a hair
follicle is extracted with the FUE method, a small scar is left in place of the hair follicle. (See photo above) It is also important to note that the FUE procedure is
performed by "blindly" penetrating the skin to extract the hair follicle.  Even with best of intentions, it is impossible to capture the bulb of all hair follicles without damaging some of them. Unfortunately, even the most experienced hair transplant doctor can ultimately transect or dissect the hair follicle resulting in
unintentionally damage. Therefore, the yield or the survival rate is much lower. It is important to note your donor hair is not a renewable source once it is
removed another hair follicle does not regrow in its place.

At HTS, with the FUT method, we offer a written guarantee that the transplanted graft will grow, or we will replace it at no charge. However, we do not offer 
the same guarantee with the FUE method. We have yet to find any company that will guarantee the results of the FUE procedure.  We believe each patient’s hair 
loss is unique. Therefore, we will always consider the degree of hair loss, the amount of donor hair available and the patient’s desired result before recommending
FUE vs FUT. If you have a larger balding pattern, it is not advised to have an FUE procedure due to the lower follicle survival success rate.  In short, all patients
have limited donor hair and patients with larger balding areas require more hair.

So, what is all the hype surrounding the FUE procedure? Why do some people think it’s better? It basically come down to two things:

1)  People are led to believe with FUE there is no incision in the back of the head and consequently no scarring and faster healing.  The reality is patients will
have a small scar for each graft they have extracted, so the scars are many, however in some cases the healing can be faster.

2)  Some people fear if they elect to have the FUT they have a larger or widened scar. In some cases, that may be true. Unfortunately, many of the hair
transplant doctors today are doctors that have no formal surgical training.  At HTS, our doctors are board-certified facial plastic surgeons and have received more
than six years of formal surgical training before becoming hair transplant specialists. Their closures are exccellent and very difficult to find.


Important Facts:

1) FUE does not reduce the scaring, but instead spreads it into much larger areas. Hundreds and even in some cases thousands of scars will be left forever and
only covered up by the adjacent hair temporarily. One day, the hair around the donor site may get thinner or narrower than the safe zone; the scars will become
visible and will be impossible to cover up. Instead of FUE, FUT reduces the scar down to 1/10th most of the time. It’s still not visible if you keep the surrounding 
hair one centimeter long.

2) FUE can’t use the best donor available but will instead ruin it. Punch scars can change the hair direction during growth. It doesn't matter - FUE automated  
devices and manual FUE is a blind procedure and it will be harder to punch intact grafts for future procedures. As hair transplant specialists, we are always
concerned that there will not be enough donor to cover the balding area. Damaging the donor is the worst possible thing that can happen.

Differences between FUT and FUE

Comparison                                                       FUE                                                                   FUT
Is it the latest technique?                      No, it is the oldest punch graft method with a smaller size punch                                             Yes
What instrument is used?                                             Punch-Neograft-Smartgraft-Artas                                                                      Blade
How is the donor harvested?                                                     Blind view                                                                          Under direct microscopic vision
Wound treatment:                                                                        Leave open                                                                                       Closed

Scar:                                                                                 Hundreds of small punch scars                                                                    One linear scar
Scar distribution: (in same length)                                            5 to 6 times wider                                                                               One line only
Total Scar Size:                                                                            10 times bigger
Scar long term effect:                                                                    Permanent                                                                                      Permanent
For keloid patient:                                                      Disaster-hard to treat hundreds of keloids                                                 Easier- only one scar to treat
Quality of graft:                                                             Defect graft (limited tissue around follicle)                              Intact graft (comes with tissue around follicle)
Growth rate of transplantation:                                       On average 61.40%                                                               On Average 97.8%

Length of hair need to cover up the scar:                                   1 cm                                                                                  2 cm
Hairstyle options such as marine cut:                                         No                                                                                      Yes
Price:                                                                                      More expensive                                                                  Less expensive
Why do some surgeons prefer FUE?

FUE: You only need one technician to perform FUE.

FUT: You need a team of 3-4 skilled technicians to perform FUT.

Some surgeons in other practices do everything by themselves without hiring any assistance to save on business costs. It is for their own best interest, not yours. 
In addition to the overhead expense, the surgery fee is more for the FUE technique. The incentive using FUE for physicians are simply irresistible. Especially for
new physicians who are just starting their practice with only 3 to 5 surgeries a month. It’s difficult to start a business when you need to hire 3 to 4 technicians
to assist.